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Volunteering opportunities

There are lots of ways that you can get involved at the University, from being an alumni mentor to offering an internship. The Development and Alumni Relations office are on the look-out for alumni like you who’d like to volunteer their time and expertise.

Let us know how you’d like to help, and we’ll be in touch in the future with any new programmes and existing opportunities that suit you. More opportunties, such as becoming an alumni representative in Convocation, can be found on our webpages.

Our latest volunteering opportunities
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Alumni group or network contact We have groups of alumni all over the world who get together for social and professional networking, and provide support for University representatives who may be travelling or running related activities - offer your help if you could be a contact for our international groups.
Alumni networker Alumni networkers offer their support at a variety of events - to share their experience at the University of Bristol and their subsequent career. No preparation is required for this role and events include both recruitment of students to Bristol, in the UK and overseas, and providing careers advice to current and recent graduates.

This role, especially for helping to recruit students to Bristol, is most relevant to those who have graduated recently from the University.
Alumni profile provider Your stories, careers and quotes are used across University publications to inspire the next generation of students to attend Bristol, or to provide current students with ideas for their professional path.
Alumni publication contributor Our communications team look for alumni views, and alumni interviewers, who could feature in our publications. Q & As and interviews are often more powerful if all participants have the shared history of Bristol. This role is most suitable to skilled and experienced communicators.
Education fair representative The University takes part in many events overseas to give the next generation of students advice on applying and attending Bristol. Having alumni at the fair offers great support to the University - and you can provide a unique perspective, having studied at Bristol yourself.
Event host or door opener Both the Development & Alumni Relations Office and our many volunteer-led groups and networks look for unusual and exclusive venues to attract more members of the networks at our events. If you can help us access a venue, through your company or other connections, we'd be pleased to hear from you.
Professional mentor There are a number of different mentoring schemes at the University, and more in development - as well as ad-hoc opportunities. If you're happy to mentor a University of Bristol student or recent graduate, we will be able to contact you with an appropriate student or programme in due course. Keep your business details up-to-date to help us identify the most opportunities most relevant to you.
Speaker for event, seminar, lecture or talk Alumni talks, lectures, seminars and panel events happen all over the world - through our international networks, UK alumni groups and through departments and University professional services here in Bristol. If you have an area of expertise to share with students or alumni - or could share your Bristol story to inspire the next generation of students at a recruitment event - let us know, and we can get in touch when an opportunity arises.
List has 8 jobs on 1 page